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Joe Kershaw - BMSE - Yacht Surveyor West Mersea Essex

Joe Kershaw
38 High Street North
West Mersea
01206 385833
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Joe Kershaw - Small Craft and Yacht Surveys
Stress cracks on the Hull and deck join. 
This damage was localised  but if
left unchecked it could only get worse


Yatch Surveys in West Mersea

Stress Crack in Hull.
The cause of this crack is unclear, but it extended right through the laminate. It was only visible from the inside because an attempt had been made to disguise the damage.


Joe Kershaw - Pre Purchase Yacht Surveys

Osmosis blisters.
The blisters on this rudder are clearly visible. But the owner was unaware that the hull below the waterline was in a similar condition.


Essex Yacht Surveys - Joe Kershaw West Mersea

Tidy Engine Room
Not all Engine compartments are as tidy and well organised as this.



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